Buy Freeze-Dried Passion Fruit Powder 3 oz.

Freeze-Dried Passion Fruit Powder 3 oz.
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Freeze-Dried Passion Fruit Powder 3 oz. Details & Features

Surfas , Freeze-Dried Passion Fruit Powder is manufactured to retain as much of the intense flavor and natural goodness of the fruit as possible. Using a refrigerated drum drier the Passion Fruit dries quickly while retaining the natural color, flavor, nutritional value and particle size of the fresh fruit. After drying the freeze dried whole fruits are powdered for ease of use. Freeze-Dried Passion Fruit Powder can used in combination with sugar to produce a perfectly colored coating for fruit jellies or use them in sauces when a boost of flavor is desired but additional liquid is not needed. They are useful in candy fillings, desserts, breakfast cereals, yogurt flavoring and in any application where an intense fresh fruit flavor is desired. Also an important ingredient in certain Molecular Gastronomy processes. Ingredients: Passion Fruit, Product of the USA. ...

Here are some of the great features of Freeze-Dried Passion Fruit

  • Resealable container for easy storage.
  • This item is packaged in a facility that packs nuts, milk, eggs, wheat and soybean.

Freeze-Dried Passion Fruit
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